We are the over 400 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender US Naval Academy Alumni and their supporters. Most of us never had any role models of other LGBT Alumni who served before us, although they were there, serving in total silence. We are here for all to see, including the LGBT midshipmen and alumni who are currently serving on active duty, their families and confidants.

Member profile pages

Some USNA Out Members have provided personal biographies sharing their personal and professional experiences as LGBT service members. Please visit the USNA Out Member Biographies Project to learn more about us LGBT alumni of the US Naval Academy.

All USNA Out members are encouraged to join the USNA Out Profiles Project and place a “Profile Page” onto the USNA Out website where you may share your experiences as an Alumnus. Please contact board@usnaout.org to create a Faces Profile.

Here are a few statistical breakdowns of who we really: