USNA ‘75

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, attending Loyola High School. Was appointed to the U. S. Naval Academy by then Congressman Clarence Long. My experiences at the Academy were very positive and were highlighted by a first class exchange tour with the Turkish Navy, during which I was involved in the war between Greece and Turkey in Cypress in 1974. Upon graduation from USNA, I selected Surface Warfare, reporting aboard my first ship, USS TATTNALL (DDG 19), as Navigator. TATTNALL was home-ported in Mayport, Florida, and I participated in two Sixth Fleet deployments and a Standing NATO Naval Forces deployment. I served on TATTNALL as Navigator and CIC Officer for three and one-half years before reporting aboard new construction USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40) as Operations Officer. The CABLE eventually home-ported in Charleston, South Carolina.

I did not make the Navy a career and resigned my commission in 1980. Since that time I have worked in the financial services industry as an investment advisor with Merrill Lynch, BGS&G, Alex Brown & Sons and New York Life. I started my own firm, Community Pride Financial Advisors LLC, in 1994 and continue to work as an independent financial advisor, primarily serving the gay and lesbian community.

Although most find it hard to believe, I had no gay experiences during my time at the Academy nor while on active duty. Probably a combination of blissful ignorance, stupidity and naivete. It was not until I left the Navy, accepted my first job and moved a considerable distance from family and friends that I slowly came out. However, the harsh realities of discrimination did eventually touch me as I was fired from one of my employers for being gay in 1989. My successful career was totally destroyed and eventually prompted me to start my own company and to testify numerous times before the state legislature in Annapolis and on Capitol Hill in DC for gay civil rights issues. I currently reside in Baltimore and share my life with my partner, Robert.

My interests include exotic travel around the world (a bug I caught in the Navy, and have recently visited the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island), competitive rowing, reading, lots of time with friends, Navy sports and a dog. I have been a member of SAGALA and USNAOut since their inceptions and do believe we make a difference and that before long the military's discrimination against gays and lesbians will be ended. Since I am in Baltimore and "local" to Annapolis, Robert and I welcome any midshipman who would like someone with whom to talk or a place for weekend refuge. If email is not secure or private, we can be reached at 410-342-2215.

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