USNA ’94

Hiya! I’m a proud member of USNA Out…graduated in ’94, went NFO, got S-3’s. Flew as long as I could, and got out when my airplane started disappearing.

Managed to get on with SkyWest airlines, and am currently a regional jet captain living in Boulder with my girlfriend.

Gina Martyn ‘94

Gina Martyn ‘94

Why am I a member of USNA Out? I wonder if anyone ever feels like they really do fit in? I finally figured out that it’s not so much fitting in, it’s being comfortable with who you are. I got out of the Academy, got married, and didn’t quite understand why it didn’t feel right. Eventually, I learned (I always was a little slow). And as I figured out I was gay, I began to feel very lucky–that I had this great support family of passionate, intelligent, and laid-back people to associate with in USNA Out (my Academy roomie saw a newspaper article and sent it to me…).

I’m proud to be a member!